Privacy policy

New Privacy Policy May 2018

In accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulations, coming into effect on 25th May 2018, our Privacy Policy has changed. Please take a moment to read through this policy, as it contains important information on how we handle your personal information, and your rights pertaining to this information.

1. We are A.L.Fleming - a sole trader whose business is the selling of all equipment associated with the card game Bridge. We sell to private individuals, Bridge Clubs and wholesale to other companies.

2. We are the controllers of all information provided to us, and this information is stored on a secure remote server operated by the company 1&1, a web hosting company. It is visible to employees of A.L.Fleming, and to an independant web administrator acting for and on behalf of A.L.Fleming.

3. As of 25th May 2018, we will securely hold information that will be provided by clients of A.L.Fleming that have freely submitted said information by way of registering a new account. In compliance with the new rules concerning "opting in", previous accounts registered with us before 25th May 2018 will have been deleted. 
Registering a new account after 25th May 2018, will mean that clients have "opted in" and have accepted the information in both this Privacy Policy, and our Terms and Conditions.

4. The information we request during registration, and hold on our servers is as follows: 

i) your name
ii) your postal address
iii) your email address
iv) a phone number
v) a password

5. The above information, detailed in section 4, has never been and will never be shared with any third party for any purpose, other than for reasons of successfully completeing an online order. (ie. postal services and banking services.*). It has never been our policy to share, rent or sell information on to third parties, for any reason (including targeted marketing) and this policy will continue.

Your password, whilst held on our server, is not visible to any party and is held securely.

* On making an order online using our shop interface, client's credit card details are not seen by us, and are encrypted and passed directly to the company Sagepay, an online banking system. This information is held securely by them and is covered by their own Privacy Policy, until the order and the cancellation period has expired.

The information held on registered customers, is used solely for the purpose of auto-filling the delivery section during the online ordering process. 

6. As a client of A.L.Fleming, registered or unregistered, you have the right to find out what information we hold on you.
This can be done by submitting a written request via email to the following address:

We will provide all information within 30 days of the receipt of the request.

7. Registered customers have the right to cancel their account at any time.
This can be done by submitting a written request via email to the following address: