Please be vigilant of fraudulent email

There have been reports of a number of clubs being targeted by email scammer, claiming money is owed by them to various bridge suppliers across Europe.

The emails tend to target the Treasurer along with another committee member (presumably details are gained from the club website) asking them to pay an outstanding invoice by transfer money via bank transfer and then sign the email as being from the other club official.

Please ensure all your committee members, especially Treasurers, are familiar with the potential signs of a fraudulent email. If you are suspicious or not sure of any outstanding invoices, please check with us before making any payments (Tel: 01279 870222).

Once a payment has been made via bank transfer the banks have little powers to stop or retrieve any money going through. Please be vigilant and look out for any signs that an email is not genuine. If you have any concerns regarding emails claiming outstanding balances owed to Fleming’s please don’t hesitate to contact us. Its better to be safe than sorry.

The Collier Lad’s Blog (No.2)

The daunting task of taking over the long established operation of A.L. Fleming and the move lock, stock and barrel to Takeley near Stansted Airport is now complete. We have kept to our word and changed nothing, apart from our address and people at the end of the phone. Now when you call us you will either speak to Lucy, who works in the mornings or Drew the junior Collier Lad, irrespective of who you speak to, they will do all they can to help you. You may also have noticed that our prices have not changed, in fact we are still keeping to the prices published in 2018 and intend doing so for the remainder of 2019.

We have spent a lot of time looking at the items that Fleming’s stocked, asking if the quality, cost and effectiveness of these products meet our high standards, alas not everything has passed our tests. The first items that concerned us was the Club Tables, which in the past have been successfully imported from the USA, but manufactured in China, posing the question will the Trade War allow us to continue to buy at competitive prices? The US company that we bought from is owned by the Chinese manufacturer, which has been good news, as their inter-divisional quality standards have been high. So we asked our Chinese agents to see if we could buy the same product directly from China, their report gave the devastating news that a similar product was available, at first sight it was the same but closer inspection showed that the table top was much thinner, the vinyl covering was also thinner and poorly stretched and the metal legs were cheaply made and finished – all in all we should avoid them at all costs. We all know that in buying from China you take the salesmen’s sample with a “big pinch of salt”, due to this we only ever buy products or manufacture products that meet the very stringent standards of our agent, who we trust far more than unknown sales folk. We therefore made the decision to look for alternatives and soon found a product that could be made specifically for us, using excellent materials, consequently the “PlayBridgeClubTable”. This new product, which will be in stock in early November, has a hard plastic top, that is both tough and flexible, the metal frame is built to last and the legs drop and lock closed in pairs, rather than individual legs. We have fully tested the strength and as can be seen from the photo below, incidentally this was taken before my commencement of a Slimming World regime.

We have also looked at the wooden tables that came into Fleming from Vietnam via Paris. We found the issues of working with a Parisian company, by the way I am very much a Francophile, was more than I could sanely handle. We also had issues of quality in respect to the table covering and hinges, so could we find an alternative? The simple answer is that we couldn’t find an alternative that met our requirements, due to this we have provided our own specification to a number of companies and finally selected one that could meet our requirements. We now look forward to launching this product later this year.

Next item to catch our eye was bidding sets. First I am disgusted that a Swedish company has managed to copyright the English words “Bidding Box”, what a cheek! They could have followed IKEA’s lead by using the Swedish “Budlåda” and selling meatballs to encourage sales – well I have finally got that off my chest. So I am pleased at say that we will sell bidding sets and avoid meatballs at all costs. We will be launching two new bidding sets, namely the PlayBridgeProBox and PlayBridgeClubBox in November.  I will explain more about these boxes in my next blog and will also explain more about our research into cards and the resultant PlayBridgeClubCard, which we will launch later this year.

 Collier Lad
October 2019

PlayBridgeHolidayClub – we don’t intend organising our own holidays but will work with the existing providers (most of whom are already customers of ours), to notify you of what is available both in terms of new holidays and short breaks. We also intend developing the range of holidays and breaks by working in partnership with potential operators.

PlayBridgeBookClub – we don’t currently have plans of becoming a book stockist but we will work with publishers to identify interesting titles and working in partnership to provide a first rate procurement service

PlayBridgeCocktailClub – many of you will already be members of various wine clubs, so we don’t compete with this, rather we will offer the cocktail of the month, to entertain your guests, either prior to or after your bridge party

PlayBridgeTogether – we will produce two session of bridge per day, afternoon and evening, the dealing data will be available from our website and can be dealt by those who have a dealing machine, alternatively we will offer a board dealing service from our Takeley base. Having played the game, scores can be downloaded and the overall scores will be displayed, we will also send hand records to all participants


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Please do not attempt to send your bank details via Email. This is very insecure,
and the safety of your details is NOT guaranteed.



Due to unacceptable losses, all Small Packet orders now have to be signed for.

Customers fromScottish Highlands & Islands and Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man
still need to order by phone in order to receive the best shipping prices. 
SEE BELOW for more details.

At the point of sale, you will be asked to select a shipping method. Please choose carefully from the options available which are based on your delivery address. These options are:

  • UK Mainland, Isle of Wight and Southern Scotland
  • Scottish Highlands and Islands and Northern Ireland
  • Collect in person

Customers fromScottish Highlands & Islands and Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man 
still need to order by phone in order to receive the best shipping prices.

​If you choose incorrectly, the shipping cost will be calculated incorrectly and your order is likely to be rejected.
In the event of this happening we will let you know and complete your order the old-fashioned way. The reason we ask you to do this is due to a fault (omission) in the new shop software which we have been told will be fixed soon.

International customers please call as previously.



UK and Isle of Wight

Orders of value from £0 - £20.00 including VAT - shipping cost £4.20 3-5 days delivery
Orders of value from £20.01 - £119.99 including VAT - shipping cost £7.68 next day delivery Mon - Fri
Orders of value from £120 or above including VAT - shipping cost FREE next day delivery Mon - Fri


Scottish Highlands, Islands and Northern Ireland
£12.42 all weights up to 10Kg.

Isle of Man and Channel Islands
Variable - Please Call

These services are only available via an email or telephone order.



We are able to arrange a Saturday delivery for an additional charge.
If you wish to use this service you will need to contact us.



We still run an invoicing system for those ordering on behalf of bridge clubs.
Please choose your purchases as normal, and select the invoice method at checkout.


At Flemings, we are already aware that our prices are very competitive; if you
find any items cheaper elsewhere, we will try to match that price. PLEASE CALL.



The Collier Lad’s Blog (No.1)2

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